Partner: Barbara Strojny

Recent publications
1.Nakielski P., Rinoldi C., Pruchniewski M., Pawłowska S., Gazińska M., Strojny B., Rybak D., Jezierska-Woźniak K., Urbanek O., Denis P., Sinderewicz E., Czelejewska W., Staszkiewicz-Chodor J., Grodzik M., Ziai Y., Barczewska M., Maksymowicz W., Pierini F., Laser-assisted fabrication of injectable nanofibrous cell carriers, Small, ISSN: 1613-6810, DOI: 10.1002/smll.202104971, Vol.18, No.2, pp.2104971-1-18, 2022

The use of injectable biomaterials for cell delivery is a rapidly expanding field which may revolutionize the medical treatments by making them less invasive. However, creating desirable cell carriers poses significant challenges to the clinical implementation of cell-based therapeutics. At the same time, no method has been developed to produce injectable microscaffolds (MSs) from electrospun materials. Here the fabrication of injectable electrospun nanofibers is reported on, which retain their fibrous structure to mimic the extracellular matrix. The laser-assisted micro-scaffold fabrication has produced tens of thousands of MSs in a short time. An efficient attachment of cells to the surface and their proliferation is observed, creating cell-populated MSs. The cytocompatibility assays proved their biocompatibility, safety, and potential as cell carriers. Ex vivo results with the use of bone and cartilage tissues proved that NaOH hydrolyzed and chitosan functionalized MSs are compatible with living tissues and readily populated with cells. Injectability studies of MSs showed a high injectability rate, while at the same time, the force needed to eject the load is no higher than 25 N. In the future, the produced MSs may be studied more in-depth as cell carriers in minimally invasive cell therapies and 3D bioprinting applications.

Nakielski P.-IPPT PAN
Rinoldi C.-IPPT PAN
Pruchniewski M.-other affiliation
Pawłowska S.-IPPT PAN
Gazińska M.-other affiliation
Strojny B.-other affiliation
Jezierska-Woźniak K.-other affiliation
Urbanek O.-IPPT PAN
Sinderewicz E.-other affiliation
Czelejewska W.-other affiliation
Staszkiewicz-Chodor J.-other affiliation
Grodzik M.-other affiliation
Barczewska M.-University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (PL)
Maksymowicz W.-University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (PL)
Pierini F.-IPPT PAN

Conference abstracts
1.Nakielski P., Rinoldi C., Pruchniewski M., Rybak D., Jezierska-Woźniak K., Gazińska M., Strojny B., Grodzik M., Maksymowicz W., Pierini F., Injectable nanofibrous microscaffolds, EHDAES, European Symposium on Electrohydrodynamic Atomization and Electrospinning, 2022-04-27/04-29, Napoli (IT), pp.1, 2022
2.Nakielski P., Rinoldi C., Pruchniewski M., Rybak D., Jezierska-Woźniak K., Gazińska M., Strojny B., Grodzik M., Maksymowicz W., Pierini F., Injectable nanofibrous microscaffolds for cell and drug delivery, TERMIS-EU 2022, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society European Chapter Conference 2022, 2022-06-28/07-01, Kraków (PL), pp.1, 2022