Current Research Activities:

  • High-frequency ultrasonography (20-50MHz) for skin and eye examinations.
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy - development of acoustic microscopes, imaging techniques (C-scan, B-scan and 3D, amplitude and phase imaging) and measuring procedures in low frequency (35MHz-200MHz) range. Visualization of surface and interior of solids and biological materials using waves of the frequency up to 1GHz. Acoustic microscope image interpretation and surface layers investigation with leaky surface waves.
  • Bones sonography - development of instrumentations and techniques for the complex (high and low frequency range) characterization of the cancellous bone, including acoustic microscopy of a single trabeculae and investigations of the trabecular bone structure by sound transmission and scattering. Simulation study of the influence of the structural properties of the bone on the scattered signal.
  • Nonlinear acoustics - nonlinear propagation, modeling, solvers.
  • Coded Ultrasonography - hardware and software based coding (Golay, Barker, Chirp) instrumentation.
  • Mathematical models of coupled fields phenomena in biomaterials.
  • Modelling of functional bone adaptation in application to bone remodelling after hip joint implantation, tissue differentiation at the interface bone-metalic implant and osteoporosis development.
  • Design and measurement of ultrasonic transmit-receive transducers (PZT and thick films).
  • Hematocrit estimation using Doppler signal processing.
  • Developments of Doppler instrumentation for blood flow measurements (2 - 32 MHz).
  • Noninvasive determination of the elasticity of artery walls and the input vessel impedance in the system of human peripheral arteries using the ultrasonic Doppler method.
  • Basic research on acoustic streaming, heat effects in ultrasound beams.
  • Wave phenomena in materials and planar structures:
    • investigation of diffraction, electromagnetic and acoustic scattering in anisotropic media,
    • coupled electro-mechanical waves in piezoelectrics,
    • theory of planar distributed transducers of surface, subsurface and bulk waves,
    • modeling of electro-mechanical devices for radioelectronics with experimental verification.

Key Words:

  • ultrasonics, medical diagnostics, ultrasonography, ultrasonic doppler, shock wave, lithotripsy, contrast agents, ultrasonics microscopie, microsonography, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasound waves in lossy media.