Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, conducts intensive scientific activity pursuing the goal of performing best quality research in the fields of contemporary global interests.

The inseparable part of the Institute’s strategy and internationalization is inviting academics from various scientific centres abroad. The aim of organising visits at IPPT PAN is to facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas, development of joint research, and they also help to deepen studies on particular research areas. The visits also facilitate cooperation on granted projects or publications and they enable academics to organize lectures, seminars, to develop experimental techniques, access laboratory apparatuses and our library resources.

Every year, our Institute is visited by dozens of foreign guests, many of whom are outstanding scientists of the most prestigious science centres from around the world. The Institute promotes such visits further, among its Polish scientific partners, so that the knowledge and experience of IPPT PAN renown visitors can parallelly serve researchers from other academic institutions, which, in turn, fosters the integration of the Polish scientific community.

Scientific visits at IPPT PAN are organized under:

  • bilateral agreements,
  • international research programmes, including those offered by the European Commission,
  • international exchange programmes for students and researchers, such as NAWA, ERASMUS+, etc.
  • scholarships and fellowships
  • personal invitations

NameParent institution
Duration of stayHost departmentRemarks