Partner: G. Ruiz De Eguino

Hospital Universitario Cruces (ES)

Recent publications
1.Gomez-Sanchez C., Kowalczyk T., Ruiz De Eguino G., Lopez-Arraiza A., Infante A., Rodriguez C.I., Kowalewski T.A., Sarrionandia M., Aurrekoetxea J., Electrospinning of poly(lactic acid)/polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane nanocomposites and their potential in chondrogenic tissue regeneration, JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE, POLYMER EDITION, ISSN: 0920-5063, DOI: 10.1080/09205063.2014.910151, Vol.25, No.8, pp.802-825, 2014

The study was conducted to evaluate the cytocompatibility and hydrolytic degradability of the new poly(lactic acid)/polyethylene glycol-polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (peg-POSS/PLLA) nanocomposite as potential material for cartilage regeneration. PLLA scaffolds containing 0 to 5% of peg-POSS were fabricated by electrospinning. Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC’s) were cultured in vitro to evaluate the cytocompatibility of the new nanocomposite material. Hydrolytic degradation studies were also carried out to analyze the mass loss rate of the nanocomposites through time. The addition of the peg-POSS to the PLLA did not affect the processability of the nanocomposite by electrospinning. It was also observed that peg-POSS did not show any relevant change in fibers morphology, concluding that it was well dispersed. However, addition of peg-POSS caused noticeable decrease in mean fiber diameter, which made the specific surface area of the scaffold to rise. hMSC’s were able to attach, to proliferate, and to differentiate into chondrocytes in a similar way onto the different types of electrospun peg-POSS/PLLA and pure PLLA scaffolds, showing that the peg-POSS as nano-additive does not exhibit any cytotoxicity. The hydrolytic degradation rate of the material was lower when peg-POSS was added, showing a higher durability of the nanocomposites through time. Results demonstrate that the addition of peg-POSS to the PLLA scaffolds does not affect its cytocompatibility to obtain hyaline cartilage from hMSC’s.


PLLA, peg-POSS, nanocomposite, electrospinning, chondrocyte, stem cells, scaffold, cartilage repair, hydrolytic degradation

Gomez-Sanchez C.-Mondragon Unibertsitatea (ES)
Kowalczyk T.-IPPT PAN
Ruiz De Eguino G.-Hospital Universitario Cruces (ES)
Lopez-Arraiza A.-University of the Basque Country (ES)
Infante A.-Hospital Universitario Cruces (ES)
Rodriguez C.I.-Hospital Universitario Cruces (ES)
Kowalewski T.A.-IPPT PAN
Sarrionandia M.-Mondragon Unibertsitatea (ES)
Aurrekoetxea J.-Mondragon Unibertsitatea (ES)