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Advanced Laser Laboratory SPI Lasers (GB)

Recent publications
1.Chen G.Y., Codemard C.A., Lewis R.J., Jankowski Ł., Chan J.S., Gorman P.M, Zervas M.N., Enhanced responsivity with skew ray excitation of reflection- and transmission-type refractometric sensors, OPTICS LETTERS, ISSN: 0146-9592, DOI: 10.1364/OL.39.003822, Vol.39, No.13, pp.3822-3825, 2014

The responsivity of optical fibers to refractive index can be enhanced using high-order skew rays compared with using meridional rays. Skew rays can have a much higher number of reflections with increased interaction length along the core–cladding interface, which gives rise to stronger interactions with the external medium. Reflection/transmission-type refractometric sensors based on twin-coupled-core and multimode fibers showed one/two orders of magnitude increase in responsivity with skew ray excitation. The responsivity and sensitivity for the two types are ∼2000%/RIU, ∼1400%/RIU, and 4.9×10−5  RIU, 7.0×10−5  RIU, respectively.


Fiber optics sensors, Fiber properties, Remote sensing and sensors, Propagation, Biological sensing and sensors

Chen G.Y.-University of Southampton (GB)
Codemard C.A.-Advanced Laser Laboratory SPI Lasers (GB)
Lewis R.J.-Cardiff University (GB)
Jankowski Ł.-IPPT PAN
Chan J.S.-University of Southampton (GB)
Gorman P.M-Advanced Laser Laboratory SPI Lasers (GB)
Zervas M.N.-University of Southampton (GB)