Partner: Mai Dinh Thanh Thi

Ostatnie publikacje
1.Nguyen Phuong T., Nguyen Hong N., Cao Hong T., Dang Dac Vu Q., Le Phuong T., Do Hai T., Osial M., Giersig M., Dinh Thanh Thi M., Apatite Ore-based Nanostructures: Novel and Eco-friendly Sorbent for Efficient Removal of Wastewater Containing Pb2+ and Fe3+, Water, Air, & Soil Pollution , ISSN: 1573-2932, DOI: 10.1007/s11270-023-06547-7, Vol.234, No.550, pp.1-18, 2023

Słowa kluczowe:

Nanostructural hydroxyapatite, Apatite ore, Wastewater treatment, Heavy metal ions removal, Novel eco-friendly adsorbent, Adsorption

Afiliacje autorów:

Nguyen Phuong T.-other affiliation
Nguyen Hong N.-other affiliation
Cao Hong T.-other affiliation
Dang Dac Vu Q.-other affiliation
Le Phuong T.-other affiliation
Do Hai T.-other affiliation
Giersig M.-IPPT PAN
Dinh Thanh Thi M.-other affiliation