Scholarships and fellowships

Doctoral students may apply for scholarships for the duration of their studies. The scholarship in the academic year 2014/2015 is 2000 zl per month (no taxes according to the Polish law). Apart of that, doctoral students may be financially gratified for their activities in research projects at the Institute. Upon permission of the Head of the Doctoral Study, students may take up employment on a part time basis. However, if this is more than a half-time job, the student is not eligible to receive the scholarship.

PhD Participant is entitled to:

  • social benefits in health services,
  • use of social capital and fund social activities of the Institute,
  • reimbursement of travel expenses related to the implementation of a doctoral dissertation topic,
  • participate in scientific conferences, symposia, schools, language courses at home and abroad and to benefit from short-term placements abroad on the basis provided for the staff of the Institute, so far as scientific director deems necessary for the trip for the implementation of the dissertation.
  • language courses - Doctoral students may participate in language courses (participation costs IPPT PAN covers for a period of 3 years) in English, German, French and Russian. Courses are conducted at various levels.