Partner: Ewa Klimiec

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Metal Forming Institute (PL)

Ostatnie publikacje
1.Klimiec E., Zachariasz P., Kaczmarek H., Królikowski B., Mackiewicz S., Elasticity investigation of thin cellular structure films for piezoelectric sensors, SENSOR REVIEW, ISSN: 0260-2288, DOI: 10.1108/SR-07-2021-0220, Vol.42, No.2, pp.204-213, 2022


This paper aims to present the details of isotactic polypropylene (it-PP) films with a cellular structure (air-cavities) dedicated to pressure sensors. The polymer composites (thin films enriched with 5 and 10 wt% of mineral fillers as Sillikolloid P 87 and glass beads) should exhibit suitable structural elasticity within specific stress ranges. After the deformation force is removed, the sensor material must completely restore its original shape and size.

Słowa kluczowe:

polymer air-cavity films, electret materials, elastic modulus C33, piezoelectricity, contact ultrasonic spectroscopy

Afiliacje autorów:

Klimiec E.-Łukasiewicz Research Network – Metal Forming Institute (PL)
Zachariasz P.-Łukasiewicz Research Network – Metal Forming Institute (PL)
Kaczmarek H.- ()
Królikowski B.-Łukasiewicz Research Network – Metal Forming Institute (PL)
Mackiewicz S.-IPPT PAN